Webmaster's Introduction

Since the dawning of man, he has been mystified by an act called Entrancement. The state of mind altering, through the use of conditioned rhythms and tones. Sometimes sending it's practitioner on a voyage of the Astral Kind, also used heavily in deep meditation. Also sometime a trance like effect can be experienced by the unknowing driving as he speeds down a lone dark highway with groves in the road. It sometimes creates a low humming sound which puts the driver into a trance like state of being. If this feeling causes you to fall asleep at the wheel then this could prove fatal. Thus it is strongly recommended never to practice any of this work while working with heavy machinery or operating any type of vehicle, others have tried and paid the price.

It is the hope and purpose of T R A N C E to bring to you a forum of discussion upon the subject of matter of inducing, research, and legendary uses of trance from the past. From its ancient beginnings from the past to the its modern and future use in the Techno music style known as Trance Music. And once you reach that state of being, what then? Where do you go with it and what are the applications to come from this ancient art of mind alteration? It is my hope to bring to you theses and more answers as time unfolds.

- Lord Jon Ray

Produce by: Lord Jon Ray