The Brain

Meditation Technology - Binaural Tones

Scientists and psychologists at the Monroe Research Institute developed and patented the use of Binaural Tones in 1965. These tones were found to be effective in synchronising brain-waves to match states of consciousness associated with creative visualisation, accelerated learning and astral projection thus assisting novices in the field of meditation to more easily achieve these goals.

The Brain Wave States :

Beta (14-25 Hz)
'Normal' wakeful consciousness relating to the physical world. Typified by scattered thought patterns, distraction, rational analytical thoughts, filters and paradigms.
Alpha (8-14 Hz)
A focused state of heightened awareness with synchronised thought patterns between the left and right hemispheres. A state relating to the spiritual world and inner consciousness, a world in which there is no time and space.
Theta (4-8 Hz)
A state of awareness associated with dreams and the subconscious. In Africa, diviners enter this state to access any information from the 'collective subconscious' or All That Is.
Delta (0.2-4 Hz)
A deep sleep or coma state relating to the unconscious.

An interesting thing about traditional African trance music is that because the musicians create a complex weave of polyrhythms and melodies by playing in the spaces between, there is on average an incredible 520 tone pulses per minute of 8 tone pulses per second in the music. This 8 pulse per second (8 Hz) signal is the most common frequency used in modern meditation technology and mind machines.

The 8 Hz pulsing matches the brain rhythms commonly referred to in psychology as the 'Theta Window'

Produce by: Lord Jon Ray