Back in 2002, I had a Multiplayer RPG online based in Ancient Egypt called 'Kemet'. This short-lived comic came about as an alternative way to promote the online game. Keep in mind that Episode 12 is missing from this list as well as the rest of the episodes up to 26. Also, there are 2 final panels missing from Episode 14. I will have to see if I can find these and updload them if I do.

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Cast Members
Episode 1: The New Guy
Episode 2: Game Status
Episode 3: The RPG Potion
Episode 4: Khenemetnut
Episode 5: The Arena
Episode 6: The Goddess Nut
Episode 7: Sandstone Flats Pub
Episode 8: More BEER!!!
Episode 9: A Walk in Qantir
Episode 10: Supplies
Episode 11: River Crossing
Episode 13: Campfire Chat
Episode 14: News from the Mine
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